ESSEC Knowledge Review: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

ESSEC Knowledge Review: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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At ESSEC, we see uncertainty as an opportunity to act. Our society is changing before our eyes and the world of tomorrow will require innovative solutions to problems that may not yet exist.

In this issue of ESSEC Knowledge Review, we shine a spotlight on the research and the expertise of our professors in the domains of entrepreneurship and innovation. It includes the research and insight of professors in management, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, and public and private policy, covering myriad aspects of the entrepreneurial experience. ESSEC professors have provided their expert analyses on topics including social entrepreneurship, gender in entrepreneurship, venture capital funding, scaling up entrepreneurial ventures, the aftermath of failed innovation, and more. Their insights touch on various stages of the entrepreneurship and innovation journey, from raising capital, testing the idea, collaborating, and expanding the venture.

This special issue of ESSEC Knowledge contributes to the RISE strategy at ESSEC, our approach to pedagogy, research, and management, which includes initiatives on artificial intelligence and technology, social change, and entrepreneurship, the focus of this issue. Entitled Enlightening Entrepreneurship, this strategic axis is an entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem that trains and encourages students and participants to innovate. We believe that everyone can have an entrepreneurial mindset and that entrepreneurship is a path to finding innovative solutions to the problems our society faces now and in the future. ESSEC’s motto is “Enlighten. Lead. Change.” and we hope this issue inspires you to do just that.

Julia Smith, Editor-in-Chief of ESSEC Knowledge
Jan Lepoutre and Nicolas Landrin, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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