Navigation with the tabulation key, or "Tab"

You can navigate throughout this site without using a mouse.

Navigation is done using the tabulation key, or "Tab" (on the left of your keyboard).
This allows you to go from link to link throughout the page.
The order is as follows: you go from top to bottom and from left to right.

By using the "enter" key, you activate the current link.
The "up" and "down" arrows allow you to go up or down in the current page..

Text size

To make it easier to read and change the size of the text, you can use the features provided for this purpose by the browsers:

  • Internet Explorer : Ctrl + Mouse wheel or in the menu view > text size affichage > taille du texte
  • Firefox / mozilla : Crtl + + ou -
  • Safari / Camino : Apple + + or -

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