ESSEC Knowledge Roundtable: The future of work

ESSEC Knowledge Roundtable: The future of work


In this discussion about the future of work, ESSEC Knowledge Editor-in-Chief Julia Smith is joined by professors Karoline Strauss, Ioana Lupu, and David Sluss. 

Karoline Strauss is a professor of management, whose research interests explore individuals' relationship with the future, including research on taking initiative at work and how people see their future work selves. 

Ioana Lupu is associate professor of accounting and management control. Her research explores control, identity, temporal experiences, and compulsive behaviours of working professionals.

David Sluss is professor of management. His focus is on ‘new leader’ development, building leader resilience in the face of adversity, and building productive working relationships.

The panel discussion covers topics such as:

  • How do you think the pandemic has affected your area of research? 

  • Do you think there’s any lessons from the pandemic that will change the game in the workplace? 

  • Can you tell us about trends you’ve noticed regarding the future of work? 

  • How will remote work change - or how has it already changed - things like proactivity, our relationships with our coworkers, and managing work-life balance?

  • Is there anything managers can do to better support their employees?

  • Do you have any advice for people on how to prepare themselves for the future of work?

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